Get Referrals Every Single Time

Earn 4x - 10x as Much with Zero Cost and Marketing

Get Referrals Every Single Time

Earn 4x - 10x as Much with Zero Cost and Marketing

Why Clients Refer

Why people refer and how to ask is NOT a battle of wills. Learn to get into the mindset of becoming a referral machine with repeatable success.

Stop Cold Calling

Clients want to and will refer, if you know how to ask. Start meeting people you know and turn them into clients without networking.

100 Referrals in a Week

Escalate your business with 100 referrals in one week. Take control of your diary and explode your business with this proven approach to jump up the ladder.

2 - 4x Your Income

Double your client bank, double and quadruple your income. Kick-start your business no matter how big or small with only qualified referrals.

About Me

Hi, I went from earning $12,000 a year as a teacher to 20 years of my teaching salary – MONTHLY!

I mastered the 3 things YOU MUST MASTER to become a Powerhouse in the sales industry:

    If you can’t do this, you are dead in the water and will waste huge amounts of time in meetings that are unproductive for your business.
  2. GET REFERRALS FROM NEW CLIENTS, within the first 2 meetings, every time. If you can’t do this, you are again in for a career of pain and scrabbling around to get new clients and business.
  3. The art of the
    BEST PRESENTATIONS ARE THE ONES NO-ONE SEES COMING.If you can’t sell insurance, pensions and savings WITHOUT mentioning the dreaded words insurance, pensions, savings and money, you are at a HUGE DISADVANTAGE!

I retired at the age of 38 after 92 months in the industry. If you want to earn what YOU know you are worth, you MUST MASTER these 3 things.

I hated cold calling and never did it, I never networked or trawled social media and NEITHER SHOULD YOU!

Things get better, when YOU get better!

Learn to be G.R.E.T. and GET REFERRALS EVERY TIME, so you can have the success and income you know you are worth and save yourself a lot of Time and Money!

Get Referrals Every Single Time

This, not cold calling or networking is the most cost efficient way to increase your business within days, not months or years. Learn how.

Control Your Life With Ongoing Referrals

Clients will refer you every time you meet, if you know how. Your business will explode if you learn this. No more wasted service meetings.

Get 100 Qualified Referrals in a week

Kickstart or escalate your business with 100 referrals in a week. Take control of your diary and double or quadruple your income with this.

What Clients Are Saying

James P

“When I started working with Brian, I used a cold caller, bought lists, spent time managing the cold caller. I got hardly any referrals, a handful of year, I didn’t know how to ask. Since working with Brian, I earned more in 12 weeks than I did in the previous 12 months. I just had my biggest year ever only to work with referrals, no cold caller needed. We are planning 7 figures in the next 12 months.”

Mark Swann

“I’ve always had problems asking for and getting referrals. Brian showed me how to break through. I get qualified referrals and many clients call them while I am in the meeting. My income has increased dramatically, my confidence is high and I expect qualified referrals every time.”

Julian Unsworth

“I have been working with Brian for just over a week, as a direct result of Brian’s strategies I got referrals from every client meeting the very next week. The impact was immediate”.

Deepti G Gujar

“Coming from the coaching industry, Brian helped me change the whole approach of asking for referrals into a feedback-based one to lead my clients into referring on their own. He helped me realize that asking is an art to be mastered. Thank you Brian!”

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Tim Yurek

Sai Blackbyrn

Barry Sidwell


Brian Dudley


Mark Swann


Julie Owen

“Julie moved into her dream home 3 years earlier due to massive success”

James Prince

“James crossed the $MILLION ceiling in 2020”

Howard Whiteson

Senior Wealth Manager

Howard Whiteson

“1st attempt at referrals, gets quick success”

Howard Whiteson

“5 weeks in and getting referrals from Referrals”

Danny Quinn

“1st attempt at referrals, gets over 90”

Julie Owen


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Get Referrals Every Single Time

Earn 4x - 10x as Much with Zero Cost and Marketing

Get Referrals Every Single Time

Earn 4x - 10x as Much with Zero Cost and Marketing