What do your clients think of you? Do you know? Have you asked?
How important do YOU think YOU are to your clients?


What do YOU tell your clients you do?
How important do YOU tell them you are to them?

Let’s say for example, you need heart surgery. You have consultations with several surgeons, after all this is a BIG decision.  Get a good one, and you get to live a life in health, get a bad one, you may not be here tomorrow or if you are you may suffer through life.

You interview surgeons and let’s say it goes something like this:

Surgeon 1:

Well, I am Dr. Smith, and I do heart surgery, I am quite good at what I do and have many successes, of course not all survive.  I like to think I am good enough to help you, but I will let you know after the surgery what your chances are. I am quite up to date with the latest techniques, so have a good idea of what I will be doing.

Surgeon 2:

Hi, I am Dr. Zack, I am the best surgeon there is in the whole North and Central America. I don’t tell you this to impress you but to impress upon you that I only want to be the best for my patients.  I do this because I love it and I love saving lives. I am passionate about what I do, so much so my wife moans that I spend all my time researching the latest techniques and then hours every day practicing and refining so before I get to a patient I am totally confident that barring any unforeseen thing the chances of you surviving are 98.5%. I will do whatever it takes so my clients live with a good quality of life after surgery.  If I take your case it is because I have studied every test result and examination you’ve had and I am confident that it will be successful. I know exactly what procedure I am going to do and also the backup plan just in case. Do you have any questions?

Ok, so who do you want to go with?

So what do you tell your clients?   Do they know that YOU know you are the best person they will ever meet in this field?  Do you tell them, make sure they understand the value to them of working with YOU?  Do YOU believe it?

Do they know you care passionately about what you do? That it matters to you?

If you are not sure, ask them next time you meet them. See what they say.

My clients are in no doubt. I tell my clients,

“I am the most important person to you next to an open heart surgeon performing on you at that moment”

I am sure you can imagine the reactions. I then say,

“I know that seems like a heck of a thing to say, however I want to explain why I say this to all my clients, is that ok?”

Of course they want to know why I have made such an outlandish claim.

“Mr. Client, Firstly if you need open heart surgery you will need money, a lot of it, and I will ensure that money is there.  And should you survive, I will ensure that you have the right amount of money coming in for you and your family to live well for the rest of your life.

If however, you don’t make it or if you get hit by a drunk driver, I will ensure your wife and children live the life you want now and are planning in the future.

You see, here’s what will happen if and when you die, and the latest stats tell me the ratio of death is one in one, we just don’t know when.

All of your friends will be offering sympathy to your widow, I will be the only person with a cheque book.

Your widow can get a job in McDonald’s at about $3 an hour, I think if she is prepared to put her hand down the toilet to clean it she may get $3.50 an hour. Sympathy and a bus ticket will get you from A to B (pick two towns) and that’s it.

When all your friends say to her at the funeral, “if there is anything I can do please just ask”, what do you think happens when your widow says:

“Thank you, will you put my kids through college?”

“Thank you, will you pay off our mortgage?”

“Thank you, can we come and live with you for the next 17 years till the kids leave college?”

“Thank you, will you buy me a car every 3 years so I have safe transport?”

What do you think they will say?  You see Mr. Client they do mean well, but they can’t do anything.  I can, that’s why I am the most important person next to a heart surgeon.

You must keep my business card next to your medical card, as after calling the doctor your wife will be calling me.  I will be the second person she calls, not your friends, you parents of course, but then me.

Can you see now why I say what I do Mr. Client?   I have had a client die, a young couple, 24 and 25, and two young children, she got cancer and died. She was beautiful and popular. I was the person that got that call.  In the church there was standing room only OUTSIDE, it was packed to the rafters.  I was the ONLY person out of about 500 friends and family that COULD help.  I had the cheque book.

The husband retired, never worked again through financial need, spent his following years with his kids until they were grown more.  He had choices.

So if we decide to work together, I will ensure your wife or widow and children never rely on sympathy.  That is what I do for people Mr. Client and I take my role very seriously.

If you ever need a surgeon you will want the one who says, “I am the best there is and this is why”.      As most people do live, don’t you want your clients to know they have the same in our field?

So ensure your clients know that you are the best for them, and ensure you do the best job possible.

Be very clear on what your response will be when YOU get THAT call.